During this complex moment we feel isolated and disrupted. The possibility of attending a live course or group lessons is lacking. For many this is an opportunity to continue practicing Yoga individually or in a group from home, I have created two opportunities for you to practice online! Now we need more than ever to connect, go deeper into the knowledge of ourselves. Let’s not abandon ourselves, let’s connect to find peace, serenity, calmness and joie de vivre!


Laughter Yoga

Laughing is an excellent medicine! You don’t need a reason to laugh, fifteen minutes of unconditional laughter are enough to activate serotonin (antidepressant hormone), strengthen the immune system, decrease allergies and stress, improve breathing, strengthening lungs and diaphragm, burn excess fat, sleep better , radiate light, serenity and beauty, tone the abdomen and muscles of the whole face, regenerate cells and youth. These are some of the benefits of Laughter Yoga. Learn to live in a contented and joyful way!

Do you want to laugh?

You can practice in group sessions by connecting to Zoom, every

  • Monday in English at 11 am (New York time)
  • Tuesday in Italian at 9 pm (Milan time)

Zoom meeting link English:


Meeting ID: 766 8900 2165
Password: 5C850B

Join Zoom Meeting in italian:


Meeting ID: 724 4052 6243
Password: 4bVdPk


You can make a donation to support my work with Paypal at macrema2@yahoo.it or by transfer to Postepay Evolution, IBAN: IT52G3608105138214487114495

Hatha Yoga

I created for you the Minimalist Yoga course, six online lessons for healthy body and regenerated mind! You have the opportunity to practice comfortably from home at yout own phase, the course once purchased is yours forever! A path to discover Hatha Yoga, you will find balance between the poses, you will learn correct breathing and short meditation techniques.

Here the first free lesson: