Hatha Yoga

Yoga form me is a constant research getting to know more about my true nature. It is a constant inquiry into self-discipline and self-healing power  revealing mine and other people’s essence. It gives me focus, grounding, surrendering and contemplating of my true home, the self. Yoga is happening in my daily life helping me to expand my mind. In Hatha Yoga meditation is the aim of the practice, the meaning of meditation in my experience is found through a way to see reality, a lesson about love, observation, compassion, and happiness.

Teaching Yoga its a vocation, a call to help others, it is a gift of love, acceptance and unity. We are not separated from others. Like plants we are interconnected. I do care about any person who wants to give her/himself the chance to challenge, empower, encourage humans to perceive their inner motivations and strength, gaining confident with self-healing. We all are masters of ourselves.

My students are beginners to advanced from young to elderly coming from different countries like Germany, Italy, Central America, the US and Canada. I have experience teaching in different languages: English, German and my mother tongue Italian. I have gained experience teaching also to patients with chronic pain and to older people, approaching them with care, attention, love, empathy, giving guidance to bad postural habits and sharing my creative and healthy lifestyle with the wish to inspire others.