Who am i

Monica  Gentile is an Italian Dancer, Choreographer, Somatic Movement researcher, Yoga Teacher.

Monica has decades of experience in teaching Hatha Yoga. She attended the School of Hatha Yoga ISYCO in Bologna (IT), through the Department of Oriental studies of the University of Torino were she got the Degree of Hatha Yoga Teacher. As dancer she approaches Yoga with a wide range of experience with body movement and a good knowledge of the body’s anatomy and Indian physiology. She started to approach  Yoga when was very young in Italy and in Kerala (India). 

She is also a certified Laughing Yoga Leader and Ambassador with three years of experience with chronic pain patients at the Immanuel Klinik Am See in Rudersdorf, Berlin (DE). She is a Martial Arts practitioner (Kung fu and Aikido), currently training in Medical Qi Gong.

“I am a teacher, I take care of supporting anyone who wants to work on themselves and their well-being. I want to guide in being present to what is already there”.