Who am I?

Monica Gentile is a Dancer and Choreographer, Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher. She is a researcher in the field of movement and improvisational dance with a somatic approach.

She is a researcher of Spirituality as a Way and a return to naturalness.

She cultivates healthy lifestyles and consciousness, “being” in the world with presence. She nurtures the search for Maieutic interiority.

“You can create a better world by working on yourself”.

She reveals an approach that integrates her artistic, creative experience with spirituality and supporting others.

“I want to meet the other in the space of listening, care, awareness, beyond the thinking mind.

I wish to rejoice as a reflection of the joy of others.

My IKIGAI is to guide in being present to what is already there “.

Monica has been teaching Hatha Yoga for a decade. She attended the ISYCO School of Hatha Yoga in Bologna, through the Department of Oriental Studies of the University of Turin where she obtained the Hatha Yoga Teacher Diploma.
As a dancer she approaches Yoga with extensive experience in body movement and a good knowledge of Indian body anatomy and physiology.
She began to approach Yoga very young in Italy and Kerala (India).
She is Laughter Yoga Leader certified by the Laughter Yoga University, with three years of experience with chronic pain patients at Immanuel Klinik Am See hospital in Rudersdorf, Berlin (DE).
She received the title of Ambassador directly from Master Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga.
She has been a martial arts practitioner (Kung fu and Aikido) for years, currently in training with Medical Qi Gong.